Why 2 Month Olds Sleep a Lot or Too A lot

My total skilled life after having youngsters has been to assist infants sleep. However, can infants sleep slightly too a lot? On this article, I’ll share what it means to have your 2 month outdated sleep lots, how a lot is an excessive amount of, and what it’s best to do about it (if something) based mostly on my 15+ years as a child sleep guide.

How A lot Sleep Do 2 Month Olds Want?

Earlier than we get as to if your child is sleeping lots or an excessive amount of, we have to determine how a lot sleep 2 month olds want within the first place.

Most 2 month olds will want 14-16 hours of sleep day by day, on common, with 10-12 hours of sleep at evening and 3-4 hours in the course of the day. After all, some infants will want roughly than the common!

2 Month Outdated Sleeping a Lot – What Does That Imply?

Normally, if a father or mother tells me their 2 month outdated is sleeping “lots” it implies that the quantity of sleep has considerably elevated prior to now week or two. In case your catnapper is abruptly taking two-hour naps, for instance, you could be involved.

In case your child is sleeping over 4 hours in the course of the day and 11-12 hours at evening, you may describe your child as sleeping “lots”.

However, Is it “Too A lot?”

In case your child is flourishing in the course of the day, consuming effectively, taking part in, staying on their progress curve, and so forth. it’s most likely NOT “an excessive amount of.” Nonetheless, in case your child is irritable when awake and may hardly keep awake all through the day or is sleeping for greater than 16 hours a day, I like to recommend you go to your physician. It doesn’t harm to get knowledgeable opinion.

Why 2 Month Olds Sleep a Lot

So, why do 2 month olds sleep lots? There are 4 major causes your child is sleeping lots together with progress spurts, developmental milestones, sickness, and day/evening confusion. Let’s study every in additional element:

Progress Spurt

Keep in mind, it’s throughout sleep that your child is doing most of their rising. In actual fact, in response to VNA Health Care, “…progress spurts not solely happen throughout sleep, however are additionally closely influenced by it.” Infants triple their beginning weight by the point they flip a yr outdated so it’s no surprise that they want a number of sleep! In case your 2 month old is also eating a lot, it might be a progress spurt.


Along with bodily progress, it’s throughout sleep that your child does a lot of their studying, too! Throughout sure leaps, you’ll be able to anticipate your baby to sleep more than usual. In case your 2 month outdated abruptly appears glad if you stroll as much as them, make sounds aside from crying, watch you as you progress, or maintain their head up when doing tummy time, they’re growing appropriately. They develop and alter so quick these first few months! You might wish to take into account Annie Baby Monitor so you’ll be able to seize these “first” moments when your child is of their crib.


Hopefully, you’ve been limiting extreme contact with others within the newborn stage. Nonetheless, ultimately, infants begin to work together extra with the skin world. And, when that occurs, generally your child will catch a virus and get sick. In case your child does get sick, they’ll sleep lots to recuperate and construct a fair stronger immune system. You will need to all the time get your child sufficient sleep so their immune system could be as robust as attainable!

Days and Nights Are Confused

Is your child nonetheless taking 3-4-hour naps in the course of the day and able to occasion at 2 a.m. for an hour or two? It’s attainable that your 2 month outdated nonetheless has their days and nights confused. If that’s the case, this is without doubt one of the 5 times you should wake your baby from sleep. Remember to restrict any single nap to not more than two hours and hold child awake for a minimum of 45-60 minutes to assist “set” their inside clocks appropriately.

Be taught Extra About Your 2 Month Outdated

We hope you discovered extra about your 2 month outdated’s sleep wants and why they’re sleeping lots. Need to be taught extra about your child’s sleep? Listed below are some assets only for you!

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