At-home IgG Meals Sensitivity Check Evaluate (and my outcomes)

Sharing the outcomes of my IgG food sensitivity test, in addition to professionals and cons of this testing methodology. 

Hello pals! How’s the day going to date? I hope that you just’re having a terrific one! At the moment, I’m engaged on podcast stuff (new episode tomorrow) and assembly up with a buddy for lunch.

For at the moment’s publish, I wished to share a bit extra about my private well being journey and one of many steps within the course of: meals sensitivity testing. After I first enrolled within the IHP program (you can check out my review of level 1 here and level 2 here), I knew that I’d love to have the ability to assist pals and shoppers in a wholly completely different, extra customized method. I had no thought how a lot this data would assist me on a private degree, too.

Via my information in IHP and testing talents, I’ve been in a position to uncover some root causes and I’m engaged on rebalancing my physique via eradicating the toxicities and restoring deficiencies.

At-home IgG Meals Sensitivity Check Evaluate (and my outcomes)

The nutshell model:

– Final spring, I had horrible pink eye which became a trigger for constant eye issues – watering, tremendous crimson, itchy, mucus-y eyes. I couldn’t put on contacts for nearly three months. I’ve tried just about the entire pharmacy eye section :/

– I noticed many eye docs who have been unable to assist me (they simply wished to throw the kitchen sink of eyedrops and prescriptions at me, and nothing helped) – I lastly discovered a dry eye specialist who was in a position to give me an motion plan and my eyes improved tremendously

– I did blood work with my PCP to test fundamental markers and irritation, and two markers for Lupus came back positive, which defined the joint ache I had in my fingers and the unusual rashes I’ve had over time. Every time I’ve been below intervals of utmost or prolonger stress, I’d get a rash, and my fingers would typically ache at night time, which I had attributed to typing a lot.

– I immediately went into take a look at and study mode, doing an HTMA test, Candida Metabolic and Vitamins Test, and Food Sensitivity test. (When you’re inquisitive about testing, electronic mail me – I can get higher costs than what is on the market on the web site.) The attention points (which I believe are partially an allergy response) + autoimmune signs instructed me one thing was seemingly happening in my intestine, so I used to be curious to see if I had any yeast, micro organism, and Candida overgrowth (I had all three) and the way my physique was responding to emphasize. I used to be nutrient poor in a number of markers, and in addition had some elevated heavy metals.

– I labored for months to get the irritation down in my physique, and in December, the Lupus markers have been adverse!!! YAYYYYY! Whereas I used to be by no means formally identified with Lupus – I used to be ready to see Rheumatology till I might get some solutions and retest and since my signs have been below control-  this simply tells me that the irritation is certainly down, so good issues throughout.

– I’ve made some big way of life and food regimen modifications, and my meals sensitivity take a look at was to see if I used to be consuming something that may be inflicting extra irritation. In at the moment’s publish, I’ll share the method, outcomes, and the dear data I gained from this at-home take a look at.

*A pleasant reminder that I’m NOT a health care provider and these exams don’t diagnose, deal with, forestall, or remedy sickness. They’re to offer details about your distinctive physique so you possibly can work with a practitioner to create a customized motion plan.*

My IgG Meals Sensitivity Check Outcomes

What’s an IgG Response?

IgG, or immunoglobulin G, is an antibody current in our immune system. IgG reactions happen when the physique identifies particular meals as threats, triggering an immune response that may result in a spread of signs. These reactions are completely different from instant, allergy-type responses (like hives, anaphylaxis, extreme itching, and so forth) and are sometimes related to delayed signs, making them difficult to pinpoint with out specialised testing.

A full day from start to finish

The At-Residence IgG Meals Sensitivity Check:

The IgG Food Sensitivity Test is a handy at-home testing methodology designed to establish potential meals sensitivities. The method usually entails a easy blood pattern, which will be collected utilizing a finger-prick package offered by the testing service. I’ll be sharing screenshots of my take a look at outcomes to offer a clear look into this expertise.

Advantages of the IgG Meals Sensitivity Check:

Customized Insights:

The take a look at gives customized insights into your physique’s particular reactions to a variety of meals. This data empowers you to make knowledgeable dietary selections tailor-made to your distinctive wants. This explicit take a look at is for 190 of the most typical meals and spices!

Figuring out Hidden Triggers:

Not like instant allergic reactions, IgG reactions are sometimes delayed, making it difficult to establish set off meals. The take a look at helps uncover potential hidden culprits contributing to numerous well being points.

Symptom Administration:

Understanding and addressing meals sensitivities can contribute to the administration of assorted signs, reminiscent of bloating, fatigue, pores and skin points, mind fog, anxiousness, and digestive discomfort.

Optimizing Diet:

Armed with information about your physique’s reactions, you possibly can optimize your diet by deciding on meals that help your total well-being and decrease the danger of triggering inflammatory responses.

Focused Elimination Diets:

The take a look at outcomes can information the implementation of focused elimination diets. By briefly eradicating recognized set off meals, you possibly can assess the affect in your signs and regularly reintroduce meals primarily based in your physique’s responses. Relying on the severity, you’ll both take away the meals for six weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months, after which regularly add the meals again in, to see how your physique responds.

Mediterranean egg bites (gluten-free and dairy-free)

Cons of At-home Meals Sensitivity Testing:

Whereas meals sensitivity testing has gained reputation as a possible instrument for understanding particular person reactions to sure meals, it’s important to acknowledge a number of the criticisms and issues surrounding these exams. Critics argue that the scientific validity and reliability of many business meals sensitivity exams are debatable. The principle critique stems from the variety of immune responses and the complexity of the human physique’s response to completely different meals.

Moreover, the idea of IgG reactions as indicators of meals sensitivities will not be universally accepted inside the medical and scientific communities. Some argue that elevated IgG ranges could not essentially correlate with antagonistic reactions and might range between people with out obvious signs. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of the immune system makes it difficult to ascertain definitive cause-and-effect relationships between particular meals and well being points. It’s essential for people contemplating meals sensitivity testing to strategy it with a important mindset, recognizing its limitations and consulting healthcare professionals for a complete analysis of their well being issues.

My Expertise:

On this publish, I’ll stroll you thru my private expertise with the IgG Food Sensitivity Test, sharing the meals that triggered reactions, my preliminary reactions, and the way I’ve adjusted my food regimen primarily based on the outcomes. I assumed it might be useful for my pals on the market who’re contemplating this, or who’re on an identical journey.

For this take a look at, you wish to have a mixture of meals in your system, particularly meals that you just suppose could also be problematic (however ARE NOT allergic to. If you understand you’re allergic to walnuts, steer clear of walnuts). Dr. Cabral recommends an egg sandwich with cheese a couple of days earlier than testing. I wished this take a look at to be consultant of how I eat, which for now, excuses gluten and dairy. I reduce these out after I went down the Lupus rabbit gap as a couple of books beneficial skipping gluten and dairy you probably have autoimmune signs. I seen an enormous enchancment in my joint ache and my eyes.

I had a couple of bites of birthday cake a couple of days earlier than the take a look at, and gluten was elevated, which verifies that it’s not the only option for me proper now.

My numbers have been additionally barely elevated for almonds, egg whites, and yogurt, which was shocking for me.

I’ve been bummed to study via this expertise that I can’t have eggs on a regular basis like I used to till I heal my intestine. I solely have them about as soon as per week now and revel in each chew!! As soon as my intestine is healed, the concept is that I’ll be capable of add again dairy, gluten, and extra frequent eggs, checking for reactions alongside the best way. 

The take a look at additionally contains pattern meal rotations to assist embody a wide range of meals and probably cut back adverse reactions and responses to numerous meals.

This entire course of has been very enlightening and informative, and I’m excited to share extra alongside the best way.

When you’re curious about practical testing, ship me an electronic mail topic TESTING and I’d love to assist!




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